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Jan 7, 2013 5:30am PST
been 10 years since the government introduced free primary education, but that has not solved all the problems. the un says more than one million children between six and 18 are still not in school. 30% of those live in slums. even those who do get to school do not always learn more than one/-- 1/4 of what they are supposed to learn. it is estimated kenyon needs 60,000 more staff. >> i am here at olympic primary school in one of the world are just slums. many of the parents of these children are casual laborers, earning just a few dollars per day. primary education is supposed to be free for all. parents have to pay for uniforms, textbooks, pencils, paper. let me take you into one of the classrooms. there are more than 3000 children here, but only 28 teachers. that is why the kids here are waiting to be taught. there is no teacher here to teach them. .> the government doesn't help we have to pay very high taxes. when you want your kid admitted to school, you have to pay a price. >> as a mother, i choose to bring my son to the free government school because it is good, because the
Jan 11, 2013 5:30am PST
. when i grow up, i want to be a professor in biotechnology. >> the education ministry says there too overburdened for such causes and they want schools to focus mainly on religion, nationalism, the indonesian language, and math. that would mean the end of signs causes so they could learn about their country's frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. >> they are the right age to learn. they are ready to learn the basic concepts of science. what about their future? >> fascinated to listen to listen to the explanation about the many volcanoes. science is important to learn the way of thinking. they say it is necessary for them to be able to compete internationally. indonesia's's booming economy is growing more than 6% per year and they urgently need to educate their young regeneration. compared with neighboring countries, they have few scientists add that not many can afford to study abroad. >> we cannot rely on a small group. we need a critical mass of educated, sophisticated middle class in the nation's the will work together on a vision of what this country should be. >> business
Jan 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
campaigner for girls education in pakistan. >> , they all look to her as one of the persons who have bravely stood, despite her age. it is against this barbarism. they look to her, and she is determined to continue her mission, which is to say she is following in the footsteps of [indiscernible] >> doctors say a him transplant patient is making progress. >> mark had suffered a paralyzed hand as a result of years of gout, and was told after christmas that a suitable match was available. >> the feeling as to started to come back. everything is looking very good. it is doing well. >> hand transplants were pioneered in france in the late 1990's. the doctors say they kept in close touch with french experts during the procedures. >> he had a functionalists hand before, no function at all. over the next six months to a year, we expect to see recovery of movement, recovery of power. >> he will be able to eat by himself, get dressed, feel his grandson's hand in his. >> i might be able to cut my food up, but some my shirt, fasten a pair of shoelaces. >> as well as needing more medical help, it will be
Jan 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
of severe social deprivation in terms of employment, education, health, hygiene. there are real issues in difficulties and those areas where people's life opportunities are so restricts, culture becomes really important and when we begin to attack the culture or undermine the culture or restrict the culture, they take it very personally. and this flag issue has been the latest of a series of situations where they have had to concede. and accept restrictions upon express of their culture and this caused real problems for them. >> move seem to agree these nights of violence aren't to return to the troubles of old but this being northern ireland, the potential for new sectarian conflict sauls there, on the long and imperfect road towards peace and reconciliation. al jazeera, belfast. >> still to come on the program -- video that shows afghan forces allegedly mistreating dead taliban fighters. army promises an investigation. >> and in tasmania, australia, where people are returning to their homes after the wildfires that swept through this area. >> welcome to the look at world weather. it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4